My services

Everybody wants their wedding day to be remembered as the best day of their lives, a truly spectacular event full of joy, romance and colour.


No instrument announces and completes the ceremony with such mystic appeal as the Great Highland Bagpipes!



I have played at many weddings and always like to discuss your day in fine detail to give you the very best service and complement the event. I am very familiar with the order of service and have even been asked to act as toastmaster to make proceedings flow.


The bagpipes can be played at a number of different times within your schedule and I can offer you advice on when they would be most appropriate, whether it's a wake up call within the grounds of a hotel or a grand send off to the airport.



Hogmany or New Year is very much the one time of the year when pipers are at a premium and are often booked months in advance. To avoid disappointment contact me as soon as possible and if I cannot play I will provide you with a suitable and accomplished piper I know.


The piper usually plays Auld Lang Syne followed by a suitable rousing number such as Cock of the North or Scotland The Brave.



Weddings will vary in price as they are tailored to suit your needs but prices start at £150.


Usual requirements are:


  • Play guests on arrival thereby creating expectation and atmosphere of the day.
  • Play on arrival of the bride and if required, lead her up the aisle.
  • Play after the ceremony and entertain during photographs.
  • Play at reception and announce the arrival of the bride and groom.
  • I usually wear full number one dress for this occasion, unless requested to wear the number two dress.


Please contact me to discuss and plan your day. Please note I can also arrange a number of pipers/drums or the whole band for a tattoo performance if required.